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They try to find a way to get off the train except they struggle and decide to try jumping from the roof. They tell Amos of their plan and he arena eventually agrees. Cursed, harry later visits Albus in his dormitory and they begin to reconcile. Harry, potter and the..

Harry is hurt love by this and thinks Scorpius is the reason why. Draco Malfoy goes up to Harry and asks him for his help in ending a rumour that he and Astoria couldnapos. It does, t conceive a child and used a timeturner to go back in time to conceive one with Voldemort instead. They have changed the entire future so that Harry died at the Battle of Hogwarts instead. After Albus leaves, only Scorpius is alone when he returns to the present. When Albus tells Harry he wants to be alone on the platform before he goes to school in his third year for that reason. Requesting Albus to sever his friendship with him..

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