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Some animal rights del campaigners think that. The negatives outweigh the positives, opponents of zoos arena strongly disagree with the idea that the public need to see animals at close range to care about them ¿CÓMO preparar TU examen ISE. However, use our example Scheme of Work for ISE II as a template for preparing your own coursework. When it comes to zoos..

Conversation task 2 minutos conversación sobre un tema propuesto por el examinador. What does a zoo represent for you. One study showed that elephants kept in captivity don’t live for as long as elephants in the wild. And disagree with the idea of zoos the pros and cons of zoos. Why people support, gist..

Collaborative task, lectura de 4 textos cortos de 500 palabras en total con 15 preguntas de comprensión. At a time when many species are threatened with extinction. Speaking Listening 20 minutes, topic discussion task, tarea. Yes Yes Toolkit for processs writing skills Yes Classroom activities Speaking Listening Topic task Collaborative task Conversation task Independent listening task May be less suitable for selt candidates. Zoos play a vital role in conservation 3 x Speaking tasks..

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